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Glass Microsphere Perlite

Inorganic thermal insulation mortar aggregate, interior and exterior wall insulation of villas, oil cementing reducer, floating beads, fireproof coating, lightweight refractory bricks.

18-30 mesh, 30-50 mesh, 50-70 mesh, 70-90 mesh, 90-120 mesh


The closed-cell perlite is referred to as vitrified microbeads. This product overcomes the characteristics of traditional expanded perlite with high water absorption, low strength and poor fluidity. It extends the application field of expanded perlite and has high strength, low water absorption and high strength. Good mixing, easy to disperse and so on.

It is the main ingredient for the production of inorganic thermal insulation mortar, thermal insulation coating, refractory brick and enamel material. It is widely used in wall internal and external thermal insulation mortar, refractory material, decorative board, thermal insulation board aggregate, metallurgy, industrial furnace electric insulation, heat pipe, etc. High-grade insulation materials and lightweight fillers, high-density closed-cell perlite can be used as rubber, enamel, paint, plastic fillers.

It can replace many traditional lightweight aggregates such as fly ash floating beads, glass beads, expanded perlite, polyphenyl granules, etc., and is used in many fields such as industry, agriculture, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and so on.

Application field

1. As the aggregate, the inner and outer wall inorganic thermal insulation mortar can be used to make high-grade thermal insulation decorative board, which can be used as the main ingredient of refractory brick and enamel material; when it is used as lightweight aggregate and other light filler for inorganic thermal insulation mortar and fireproof coating, It can be sprayed, can be wiped, and the crushing rate is low in the molding process, which effectively reduces the compression ratio and drying cost.

2, can be used as high-grade insulation materials and lightweight fillers in construction, metallurgy, industrial furnaces, high and low temperature engineering heat pipes and other industries;

3, can also be used to produce oil cementing cement mitigating agent (oil field cement mitigating agent and has the following advantages: extremely low packing density, thereby reducing the density of products, saving cost; small specific surface area, low oil absorption, and thus a large amount of true charge The product has a certain thermal insulation performance; can improve the impact strength of the product; can improve the heat resistance of the product; can reduce the heat shrinkage rate of the product)

4, for other materials: heat insulation coating; lightweight, heat insulation, soundproof plastic sheet; lightweight, wear-resistant, low-cost rubber conveyor belt; modified asphalt; reinforced plastic steel doors and windows; FRP or other composite filler; Light refractory materials; refractory casting materials; thermal insulation materials; buoyancy materials, also used for emulsion explosive density adjustment materials.

Processing technology

The closed-cell perlite is uniformly expanded from the inside to the outside after reaching a certain temperature in the vertical electric furnace step heating mode, and the surface of the expanded particles is instantaneously high-temperature vitrified, and the continuous vitrification is formed after cooling. The surface of the particles, while the interior maintains a complete porous, hollow hollow structure.

The unique production method determines that the product maintains the purity of the natural inorganic chemical components of perlite. The structural feature of the product is that the surface of the particles is micro-porous and has a continuous vitreous luster. The content presents several or dozens of tiny spherical deposits. The color density of the white product is distributed in the range of 110~350 kg/cubic; the particle size distribution is in the range of 5~1500μm.