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Horticultural/Agricultural perlite

Application range

It can be widely used in urban greening, horticultural nursery, lawn planting, tree transplanting, roof garden, underground parking lot, ecological road bridge, sun hall, garden potted plant, moving field and saline-alkali land improvement, etc. The cultivation of high-grade flowers and trees and pollution-free economic plants is a good plant material for ecological horticulture.





product advantages

1. The effective moisture content is up to 45%, which can effectively intercept rainwater.
2. The weight of saturated water absorption is 450-600kg/m3 (the average soil is about 1800kg/m3), which effectively solves the load problem of the building structure.
3, 100% pure inorganic cultivation substrate, physical and chemical indicators are stable, plants do not need to change soil for long-term cultivation.
4. The water permeability coefficient is 200mm/hr, which can effectively avoid the damage of siltation.
5, clean and no smell, simple construction, convenient maintenance.
6. The porosity of the product greatly promotes the growth and development of the roots of the plants, and has an excellent fixation effect on the trees, while overcoming the damage of the main roots of the trees to the building structure.

The horticultural perlite of our company is characterized by high strength, high water absorption, good whiteness and no dust (Xinyang Perlite characteristics)!

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Suitable for plant cultivation

Products that are made to expand at high temperatures, so there is no soil disease.
Excellent ventilation, fully ensuring the amount of dissolved oxygen in the roots.
Drain smoothly at a higher gap rate.
The root survival rate is good and the crop support is excellent.
Due to the Open cell structure, the water content is excellent.

Easy to operate

Due to the addition of moisture, there is no way to worry about flying dust in the workplace.
The culture medium is supplied in the medium, so the working channel is clean.


Because of its light weight, it saves labor.
It is directly produced and supplied in China, so the price is low, and it can be cultivated without other forming beds.


Fill the water thoroughly before use.
The perlite medium is a pure inorganic substance that does not contain fertilizer components. The farmer can adjust the fertilizer composition and concentration according to his own requirements.

Perlite media also has excellent results as a wood insert.

product details