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Recarburizer GPC CPC

It is made of high-quality low-sulfur petroleum coke as raw material and produced by graphitization process. It is used for carbonization of cast iron and cast iron in various electric furnaces. It has extremely high purity, excellent particle morphology and graphitized hexagonal crystal structure. Carbon addition can also promote the nucleation of cast iron, improve the shape of graphite, increase the number of graphite balls, and improve the mechanical properties and processing properties of the material. According to the sulfur content, it is divided into three levels: low sulfur, medium sulfur and high sulfur.


1. Place the recarburizer in the lower part of the electric furnace. That is, after a small portion of the iron material is first placed in the furnace to melt it (or a small amount of molten iron remains in the furnace), the required metal charge is added, and the recarburizing agent is all pressed into the molten iron to make the recarburizing agent fully contact with the molten iron.

2. During the absorption of the recarburizer, the slag removal operation of the molten iron should be avoided to prevent the recarburizing agent from being taken out of the furnace with the slag.

3. It is recommended to return the charge or pig iron after the carbonation agent has been cleared.

4. Before the molten iron is released, a small dose of recarburizing agent may be added to the surface of the molten iron for micro-calling of carbon, and the recarburizing agent is dissolved and absorbed by eddy current stirring or manual stirring of current.

5. Silicon and sulfur increase should be carried out after the absorption of the recarburizer.

Production equipment and factory

Packaging and storage
1. This product is packed in plastic woven bags, 25Kg per bag, plus ton bags.
2. This product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, pay attention to fire and water.