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Riser insulation and heating agent

The riser insulation agent is specially designed forthe ordinary steel riser ofthe cast steel sand. It can let the shrinkage of the riser shrinkage hole changefrom “V” shape to “U” shape without the riser sleeve , avoiding looseness andThe shrinkage hole, the riser insulation shrinkage effect can reach 30%, theriser weight reduce by 50%-75%, the finished product rate is increased morethan 15%, and the chemical composition also is not changed.



This product generates heat is much and after used can let the
the riser molten steel keep in a liquid state for a long time, so
it is better used tocontinuously supplement the shrinkage of
the casting during the solidification process, and the riser is
in a “U” shape or a “disc” type when the riser shrinks the crust.





Adding amount:
1.0~1.5% of the weight of the riser metal liquid,
or 10~15% of the thickness of the riser layer.

Method of addition:
The covering agent should be added after
the molten metal rises to the height of theriser by 1/2~2/3.