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About us

Xinyang Caster New Material Co Ltd is focus on manufacturing perlite and casting material from 1998. Caster located in Xinyang.

Xinyang Caster New Material Co Ltd located in China Xinyang city and which perlite storage is the biggest in the Asia and quality is famous in the world. Caster focus on manufacturing foundry material and perlite, based on quality stable and best service, now already business with Japan, Korea, Germany, Vietnam, India, Thailand etc countries and area. We are striving to grow into an internationally competitive brand.

Slag remover
Pumice Particles
Riser insulation etc

Perlite Ore
Agricultural perlite
Expanded perlite
Closed cell perlite
Perlite insulation board
Perlite insulation pipe
Perlite filter Aid etc

1998 Found Perlite sand factory
2003 Started produce expanded perliteand slag remover for foundry
2008 increased closed cell perlite line
2013 Increased perlite goods line
2015 Started international business and established Xinyang caster  aster New Material Co Ltd
2017 Developed lighter weight, usage less, high temperature resistance,  not splashed etc pumice slag  remover K-1,K-2,K-4
2018 Increased recarburizer